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special goods that improve your life

MBS is the official supplier of high quality non-food products.

Selection of necessary goods for the order.

We cooperate with companies around the world: USA, Europe, Russia, Asia.

Popular products

Certified Prefit™

Certified Prefit™

All our products are certified and thoroughly tested for quality.All our products are certified and thoroughly tested for quality.

Flexible terms

Flexible terms

Flexible cooperation options. Systematization and individual conditions for eachpartners.



Technical support every day. Our managers will answer all your questions at any time convenient for you.

MBS Team

The MBS team are professionals in their field. We regularly study news in the market of other countries.

Cooperation with MBS provides high quality service.

We provide services to all interested parties.

All our products are protected by trademark. We are a manufacturer and supplier.

Our distinguishing feature is the high quality of our products.

Logistics, customs clearance and full cargo escort.


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