Waggedy Calming Chews for Dogs, Tasty Treats Provide Stress & Anxiety Relief for Dogs During Separation, and Times of Fear


NATURAL CALM AID: Waggedy’s calming tablets are proven effective at relieving hyperactive and aggressive behaviors in dogs. It is specially formulated with melatonin, L-Tryptophan, chamomile flowers, passion flower, and ginger. An all-natural anxiety relief for dogs, these calming supplements support the nervous system to help lessen their anxiety, especially in a stressful environment.
HELP YOUR PETS COPE: A canine melatonin calm aid scientifically formulated to help dogs maintain calm energy during grooming, travel, thunderstorms, firework display and loud noises. Enriched with all natural ingredients that helps calm your dog’s nerves during grooming (creates a safer environment for your dog and the groomer), traveling in a car or plane, unusual weather events (rain, wind storms, thunder and lightning) and any other loud or disturbing noises!
DOG ANXIETY RELIEF: Show your pet dog some love with calming treats for dogs. These 60 calming chews prevent excessive barking during unfamiliar situations and calm separation anxiety in dogs while the owner is away! Our unique formulation provides natural mental anxiety relief for small and large dogs of all breeds. They’re even time released for a lasting calm.
VET APPROVED: Safe for puppies (6 weeks and up), adult and senior dogs of all breeds. These anti stress supplements come in 60 chewable tablets with a tasty, natural flavor that your dog will love. The Waggedy chews for dogs are formulated with time-release tablets. Easy to swallow when mixed with food. Our anxiety pills for dogs were formulated by Veterinarians and they are manufactured in the United States in a cGMP & NSF certified facility.
DOG NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT: These calming treats for dogs are made in the USA in an FDA and CGMP-compliant facility for purity, consistently and unmatched quality. Waggedy canine supplements are suitable for dogs of all sizes, breed, even those with food sensitivity and allergies. They offers high-quality dog health supplements to keep dogs happy, healthy and active for as long as possible.


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