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  • HIDE TANNING KIT TOOL: Whether you are an avid leather craftsman or a first timer, the Redneck Convent 8 Inch Fleshing Knife is easy to use for cutting and pushing membrane and fat from animal hide; The 1 inch by 8 inch (2.5 x 20.3 cm) stainless steel metal bar features one bladed side and will be a great addition to your other hide tanning tools such as a wooden or PVC fleshing beam and hide tanning solution
  • IDEAL FOR REMOVING MEMBRANE AND FAT: Designed for trappers who are looking for efficiency and ease when tanning; Unlike standard draw knives, this flesher knife provides a moderately sharp edge that is ideal for pushing fat and meat and can easily be sharpened to slice through that stubborn gristle; This blade is perfect for stripping mink, muskrat, rabbit, squirrel, and weasel pelts
  • DUAL HANDLED FOR STABILITY: Tough nonslip plastic material is used to create the two handles that are on each end of the 8-inch blade; The double handed design provides a sturdy grip and better control to allow you to work closely and slowly with animal pelts; Soft textile material provides a comfortable hold while working
  • STAINLESS STEEL BLADE: Constructed of stainless steel to resist corrosion and oxidation, this fleshing tool blade is easy to handle and clean; The heavy-duty blade is also beveled specifically to work along a fleshing board for precise control and movement
  • EASY TO USE: This fleshing blade is a key component to add to your trapping supplies, stripping tools, and tanning equipment; Designed with two 4.8 inch (12.2 cm) handles for grip and control, the pelt flesher glides along the inside of an animal hide to remove meat, fat, membrane, and gristle from the pelt with a light amount of pressure; Please be cautious when applying pressure as this could tear a hide if not used properly


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